On housing and the value of affordability

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Vision Vancouver

With every success story, comes a challenge.

A few decades ago, few couldn't have imagined that Vancouver would be the place it is today: one of the most livable cities in the world, with a booming real estate market and an international brand as one of the most attractive places to visit on the global map.  

This success has helped to usher in the 2010 Winter Games, support a film industry, and inspire artists and great festivals, activists and entrepreneurs. It has also meant that Vancouver – as we all know – as become increasingly unaffordable to many of those who call it home.

Today’s Vancouver comes with million dollar price tags for homes and rising rental costs, and the city that we all know and love is becoming increasingly unaffordable.  

That’s why the Vision Vancouver team is – and always has been – committed to making our city affordable, and working with community partners to make sure it is not an exclusive privilege to live here.


Over the past few years, an unprecedented number of steps have been taken by the Vision team to make Vancouver sustainable – environmentally, socially and financially. These steps include: 

All of these decisions were choices. Vision could have ignored this growing concern, as previous NPA councils have done. 

Instead, we’ve chosen– and will continue to choose - to value the diversity and benefits that come with a city that everyone can afford to live in. And over the coming weeks, look for Vision to unveil our plans to make Vancouver more affordable over the next three years.

Let’s work together to continue to make Vancouver more affordable for everyone. It starts with vote for Vision Vancouver on November 19.