And Then There Was More Vision

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Vision Vancouver

Most of us don’t consider putting our lives and professions aside to dedicate endless hours to city council, parks or school board.

And yet, this year Vision Vancouver has five new candidates running as part of their team for city council, school board and park board. These candidates are as diverse as our city itself – and each one is more talented than the next. 

We’d like to introduce you to each of them.

City Council

Tony Tang is Vision Vancouver’s only new candidate for council. Aside from always sporting an ear-to-ear smile and an open ear for listening, Tony is a professional engineer who has dedicated over 20 years to community service. Tony has been twice elected to the Board of Variance, most recently chairing the board. His deep knowledge of land-use planning, city budgets and service delivery, make him a fantastic council candidate. Vote Tony Tang on November 19.

School Board

Rob Wynen is the kind of person who has almost as much experience speaking at city council meetings as the councilors themselves. An active civic participant and health care advocate, Rob founded the West End Residents Association, where he has worked on advocacy for cycling, pedestrian safety and community gardens. Rob cares passionately about the connection between health and education and will provide an experienced and committed voice to Vancouver School Board.  

Cherie Payne brings the kind of hands-on professional and personal experience Vancouver families need on school board. As the child of immigrants from the Caribbean, Cherie understands the challenges of navigating the public school system. And with 15 years of experience negotiating with government as a public affairs consultant and lawyer, she has the skills to advocate for others. Cherie Payne will represent your families and help provide a voice for students!

Trevor and Cherie with Ken and Patti at National Aboriginal Day

Park Board

Trevor Loke is joining the ranks of the athletically talented members of the Vision Team. A goaltender with the legendary Cutting Edges Hockey Club, Trevor will bring both defense and offense to the Park Board Team. Aside from hockey, Trevor co-founded United Against Gang Violence and has worked to bring community solutions forward to end violent crime. Trevor works at the Dr. Peter Center in Downtown Vancouver. His experience working to make parks safer and neighborhoods more inclusive make him a perfect Vision candidate!

Last but not least: the remarkable Niki Sharma makes the vital connection between human rights and the environment that is so often overlooked. As a lawyer practicing aboriginal law and working on human rights cases, she believes in the importance of meaningful engagement and consultation. Niki has worked for environmental organizations both locally and internationally and also serves as a proud board member of Battered Women’s Support Services. Niki is experienced, smart and ready to represent our green spaces in Vancouver!